Wednesday, October 10, 2007

She has nice ass..

She is very much self-aware, confident, and is thought of as independent. She is happy with who she is. she can also admit to needing help sometimes. She loves the ocean breeze. She always smells terrific. She has a naughty side, but her co-workers could never tell. She shops at Victoria's Secret. She believes that taking a bubble bath is her right, not a privilege. She has very pretty feet. She has a gentle, tender touch. She can cook. She has a tan, but no tan lines (okay, maybe some tan lines). She doesn't drink often, but she enjoys a glass of wine occasionally. She will never ask the question "Does this make me look fat?". She wants to solve World hunger, even if it is only one person at a time. She has had a cavity. She is not a passive woman. She loves to dance, she loves ass parade. She smiles easily. She is ticklish. She loves the smell of fresh cut grass and new rain (but who doesn't?) She doesn't need to be told she is beautiful, but appreciates it when you do. She knows 1,000 uses for Q-tips. She considers her mind her best feature. She is an old soul.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Power of Words

Words have far more power than most people understand. Words can make people do things that they may not really want to do yet with just a few simple words applied in the right way a person can buy something they don’t really want or be made to do something that they really don’t want to do.

The power that resides in words is unbelievable and, even when you’re obeying some powerful words, you won’t realise what you’re doing for some words act at a subconscious level where you won’t even notice them. Other words do act at a far more conscious level and some words influence you simply because they are sharp, short and yelled at you rather than whispered sweetly in your ear.

Ironically some of those powerful words can have the same impact whether they are shouted or whispered and you will obey even though it may not be what you want to do.